Saturday, November 5, 2016

Update - William Rogers Project

Update - 11.5.2016

William Rogers Project

There has been a number of folks interested in studying Rogers' text, however, they report difficulty or frustration over reading the facsimile copy. 

It has been part of of William Rogers Project to manually retype the entire manuscript. My intent to re-type was two-fold. 1. To completely immerse myself in the manuscript through the activity of re-typing the document. 2. To transform the manuscript into a research document that is easily searchable and allowing for more precise annotation etc. 

The text will be re-typed without editing original spelling, capitalization, syntax, sentence structure, and type-set. The re-typed manuscript will have line numbers inserted into the body of the text to make for easier reference and cross-reference. It is my belief that the first re-typing the manuscript should be true to the original. I personally find the use of various type-set helpfully to understanding the meaning and the importance of some words and ideas over that of others.

However, because of the input of others, I have now integrated a 3rd reason to re-type Rogers' manuscript. That being to create a copy of the manuscript that is easier to read. I have decided to leave off some of the research I am currently engaged in (relative to William Rogers) to produce the re-typed manuscript earlier than I originally intended. 

Here is a link to re-typed draft copy of the Preface of William Rogers "The Christian Quaker ..." for your perusal. 

PDF of Re-typed Preface from Facsimile hosted on Dropbox:

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Keith F. Saylor