Friday, January 10, 2014

Un-borrowed Life ... In Other Words

Life in the Presence is experienced un-borrowed. Conscious and conscience no longer mirrored in the borrowed experience of institutions and other individuals drawing from the conceptual world.
This filling of conscious and conscience in the Life ... the Presence ...  is conscious no longer dependent on the borrowed reflections that others draw from the conceptual world; but on direct and immediate and un-borrowed ... intuition.
Conscious anchored in the immediacy of the Presence rather than anchored in the borrowed experiences (ideas, theologies, etc.) mirrored through the spoken or written words of others, is Being present and sustained in the Presence resulting in the direct experience of Life free from the icons (mirrors) of the reflected conscious.
Conscience anchored in the immediacy of the Presence is sustained and upheld through intuition of moral and ethical action un-borrowed from the outward dictates and teachings of others. Conscience illuminated by the Presence is free from the borrowed experiences reflected in the outward teachings of men and woman. Conscience illuminated by the immediacy of the Presence is living the Word of God rather than borrowing the outwardly reflected experiences of others.

Conscious and conscience in the Presence is the Spirit of Christ within.

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