Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thankful for the Life and re-turning to the Garden

Therefore O man whose soul is immortal, wait to have it's eye opened in the Light, that thou mayst see God and walk with him in the garden as in the beginning ...
John Whitehead - "A Small Treatise ..."

It is a blessing to know and experience the Spirit Jesus manifested bodily and poured into the conscious and conscience of individual people. It is a blessing that consciousness no longer need be anchored in reflections and that people may know awareness and identity in no-thing but the Spirit once only reflected and experienced in the physical life of Jesus. It is a blessing to know the Spirit of Jesus without the need to reflect on the historic physical Jesus. It is a blessing to walk in the Word and without the need to reflect and depend on the words of scripture to know eternal life.
"And by the Spirit of the Lord have we not been so much directed to shew unto people that which was written by the former Prophets, Evangelists and Apostles for a foundation of faith (that being generally outwardly known and believed where we have traveled ) but rather to shew unto people the eternal life whereof  they writ which we have seen, felt, and handled as they did ..."
John Whitehead - "A Small Treatise ..."
And how do we come to know and experience this transformation of consciousness and conscience? The early Quaker and Primitive Christian answer is ... wait ... be silent ... wait ... watch ... and wait ... and the Spirit will reveal in all things and all moments. In waiting silence is the Presence. We do not need to reflect on, spending hours and hours and decades and decades thinking about and arguing over, the historic Jesus and on the words of scripture ... just wait and watch; and you will know that which was in the historic Jesus and that to which the words of scripture is a mere reflection.
It is a blessing to know and experience, to "handle,"  eternal life as did the Prophets, Evangelists, and Apostles so that we are not dependent on their words but know that which they know directly and in immediacy ... personally ... without reflection. 
It is a blessing to walk in the Garden again where the Presence is sufficient, embraced, and affirmed in all things. To know the liberty of conscious and conscience in Presence and Grace ... without reflection and immediately ... to not reach after the fruit of knowledge ... but to know directly without consumption.
Days and nights in the Presence, transforms the mind toward eternity and teaches true (not abstract) love, peace, patience, joy, long-suffering, etc., not as outward principles and doctrine; but manifests them directly just by living present in the Presence ... these are the result of Being in the Presence.
Wait, watch, and know, the Life and walk again in the Garden. 

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