Sunday, July 16, 2017

Message to Political Activists, Religious Adherents, and those who gain meaning purpose, and identity in their professions and hobbies.

Stream Orchid - Image by Keith F. Saylor

A Spirit is come in this world that is calling people out of a way of life that anchors meaning, purpose, and identity in outward forms and activities. People find themselves caught up in or enchanted by the conjurations of political, religious, social, and secular leaders. These leaders conjure up outward political, religious, or social ideological constructs to enchant people and lead them into identification with that which they advocate. These outward professors promise meaning and purpose if only their conjurations are embraced and identified with. Their are those who have been captivated by these leaders, but who sense, at the margins of their soul, a disaffection with the purveyors of a process wherein personal identity, meaning, and purpose is anchored in the embracement and coming into identification with outward political, religious, social, and economic constructs.
I have seen, with my own eyes, those disaffected drop their political signs and banners and walk away when the message of the sufficiency of inshining Spirit is come to them and they are come into a different immanent habitation and the conjurations of political and religious and social leaders lose power. Those disaffected or disenchanted with political and religious leadership that are come into the flawed process of identification with outward forms and ideological constructs, are the focus of this testimony.

Throughout the history of human being, these outward leaders have, in one way or another, promoted and encouraged the process of identification with outward ideologies, practices, and institutions to anchor and inform human relationships. Throughout, human history this process of identification with outward ideologies, practices, and institutions has proved unsustainable and essentially flawed. The answer (in the face of crumbling forms and institutions) of these leaders of this flawed process is not to question the process itself but to conjure up and establish another set of outward political, religious, and social constructs and lead people into identification with them. This cycle of conjuration, and people's embracement of it, is the source of the power of these outward leaders. Innately and intuitively each person, to one degree or another, has glimpsed the flaw of this process and has sensed disenchantment with it. Intuitively people experience or glimpse an impulse shining somewhere deep in the corner of their conscience. This inshining impulse is the way out of the need to sacrifice human consciousness and conscience at the alters of political, religious, and social institutions and follow the teachings of those leaders who promote and profess the need for adherence to their outward conjurations. Experientially, each of us senses their is a way out of this process and out of enchantment with outward constructs and institutions and the leaders who promote and are are empowered by the flawed process.

The way out is to mind that inshining impulse that is available to each person. It is unrelated to any outward political, religious, and social construct or those who promote them. The inshining Impulse is right there in the conscience of everyone in all circumstances and in all things. For those who are come into disaffection with the process of identification with outward forms, their a an answer, a different way ... a way that is sustainable and not conditioned upon circumstance or the outward teachings or institutions.. No matter where you are. No matter what your circumstance or condition. Right now, you can turn and mind that inshining Impulse in your conscience. Lay down identification with all outward political, religious, and social forms and mind and wait upon only the inshining Light and an increased illumination will happen and there is a coming out of outward forms and into the inshining Impulse itself in itself. Personal identity, meaning, and purpose comes into relationship with and participation in the inshining Light itself in itself. Personal identity is existence itself in itself. The ideological and institutional mirrors through which we once could 'see' ourselves are shattered and we are come into a different habitation. The Life itself in itself is our Life, meaning, purpose, and identity and we truly know a new 'I am.' To speak I am is to speak that which we share with all other human beings. "I am the Light and the Light is in me and you are the Light" is not heard through the physical ear, it is experienced directly and heard in the inner ear and, in the speaking, we experience the Light itself in itself in our own conscience.

To those disaffected with outward political, religious, and social ideological, theoretical, and institutional forms, there is another way. You can fully come out being enchanted by the outward conjurations of the purveyors of a process of identification with outward forms and come into the Life itself in itself as it takes its place anchoring consciousness and informing the conscience and guiding your relationships and interactions with other people without regard for an outwardly based flawed process and those who nurture that process.

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