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The Mystery - I am the Light

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The Mystery - I am the Light


An important part of my experience or witness of the inshining motion of Presence is self-awareness being led out of dependency upon outward forms and into an embracement of and a growing into dependency upon immanent Presence itself in itself. This dependency is the experience of awareness anchored in immanent Presence itself in itself so that which I am is immanent Presence. It is a coming into unity with and in the inshining Light itself in itself. In fact, that is the power of the experience. I am coming out of a way of being that is dependent upon outward forms as mirrors through which being is reflected to see or be aware of self. In this experience, the Light is and I am the Light. I have been asked whether this means speaking the experience of who I am in the Light itself in itself is the same as calling or making myself God. Christ did not say the person in that specific body who is named Keith Saylor is the Light. Christ is the Light and the Light is in me and as I am come into the Light, I am the Light and you are the Light. This experience of identification in and with the Light itself in itself is not an experience of Keith Saylor in the flesh being God, it is the experience of coming into a way of being that you know is shared by all other human beings. So that, when one person says "I am the Light," it is recognized in another as if the words were coming from themselves. When the inward Spirit itself in itself speaks "I am" all others who are of the same witness hear it as being spoken from within themselves.


I am the light and the light is in me and you are the light and the light is in you. The mystery of a conscious anchored in and a conscience informed by inshining Light itself in itself is the appearance of the image of Christ. In this appearance, we come into the experience of being the image and knowing the image within our consciousness, In this knowing, we no longer are in relationship with divine Presence as at a distant but as who we are in ourselves. We are come into divine being and divine being is in us and we are divine being. That which I am, you are. I am the light itself and in the Light you are. Immanent participation in the Light discovers unto us the only source wherein we can truly be at one with one another. Shared outward Political, social, and religious forms, methods, and practices, are not the stuff of spiritual oneness. I am the Light and you are the Light proclaims the only source of Unity. To mind the Light is to mind unity with one another and to speak to and through one another.


To affirm I am the Light and the Light is in me is sometimes reflected on by others as a claim of being God and that there is a separation between God and human beings. A claim by a particular person in physical form to be God himself in himself is the manifestation of drawing the conscious and conscience of people into idenitification with a particular outward form. This is a form of conjuration designed to enchant the conscious and conscience of people to a particular figure or type. Again, Christ did not say that Keith Saylor, for example, is the way, the truth, and the Light. Christ said, I am the Way. When a person claims to be the Light in his or her particular outward physical body, that person makes an idol of his or her body and is idolatrous and brings those who regard him or her into idolatry.

To affirm I am the Light and the Light is in me and you are the Light is not a fashioning of a particular body or personality into an idol and the drawing of people into identification with that physical body or personality for meaning, purpose, and identity. The affirmation that I am the Light and the Light is in me and is in you and your are the Light is the witness that Christ is Spirit and the throne of the Light is in the conscience and conscious. The witness of I am the Light and the light is in me and you are the light is the coming into identification with the Spirit itself in itself is our conscience. This identification with the Spirit is a drawing of the self-conscious out of identification with outward forms and not one of idolizing outward persons, places, ideologies, or theologies.


The mystery of a conscious anchored in and a conscience informed by inshining Light itself in itself is the witness of a bridging between the Light as an object and the Light as immanent within the conscious and conscience of human being. The Throne of Christ is the conscience. Christ Jesus is no longer participated in as distinct being once his inshining Spirit illuminates the conscious and fills the conscience. His image is our image in the conscience. By the power of this bridging human being is come into a witness of that which is shared by one another and is the only source of sustainable unity and relationship between human beings. Identification with all outward forms (which is relationship from a distance) is separation from both the Light itself and other human beings and humane relationships.

Invitation to the Life itself in itself

Each one of us can witness within themselves the transformation of the very foundation of their conscience and consciousness and be gathered into a different way of relationship with other human beings. To experience coming into the invisible gathering or habitation in the inshining Life and LIght itself in itself, there is no particular practice or method. Simply begin to lay down identification with outward forms as a source of meaning and person and wait upon the appearance of the image of Jesus Christ in you conscience and consciousness. In this patient waiting the grace of inshining Light will appear in your conscious and conscience and will reveal, according to the measure given, the inward rule and government of the Spirit of Christ itself in itself and you will take up habitation in the inward eternal way of the invisible gathering.

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