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A Story: by Keith F. Saylor - With an Afterword by Isaac Penington

There was a farmer who grew crops using artificial lighting and methods documented in a book he cherished. One day another farmer came to him and said that he does not use unnatural light but relies on the natural sun, in itself, to sustain and grow crops. The former responded by saying the sun certainly has its place, however, just look at how well his crops were growing under these artificial conditions and offered the latter his book and articles on unnatural growing methods. The latter graciously declined.
A time later, both men passed away. The crops tended by the man using artificial methods withered and died without the outward maintenance of his unnatural methods and apparatus. The crops tended by the latter grew and thrived in the light of the Sun that sustains Life needless of the artificials of men and women.
The Sun is sufficient.

“For I also did believe and expect great things in a church-state and way of worship; and in simplicity of heart did I enter into it, and walk in it, and was not without knowledge, warmth and experiences there. But all this the Lord broke down by a strong hand, in one moment ; and hath taught me since to throw away all my gains here, and elsewhere, and to count them but dross and dung, for the excellency of the knowledge of Jesus Christ my Lord. And having tasted, having seen, having felt, having handled, I cannot but commend the life ; and dissuade all men from all knowledge, all worship, all religion, all ways and practices (though ever so taking, pleasant, and promising) out of the life. And this is to know Christ ; namely, to know the life : and this is to obey Christ, to obey the life : and this is the kingdom of Christ which is to come, to have the life reign in power and great glory. But the knowing or believing of an history concerning Christ, this is not the knowledge or the faith: antichrist all along the apostasy, in all his various forms and dresses, hath known and believed thus: and this kind of knowledge must pass away further than it can find a place and service in the life. Be not angry at my testimony, it flows from pure love, and comes forth in great good will to your souls.”

----Isaac Penington, “The works of the long-mournful and sorely-distressed Isaac Penington ...” Volume 1, pg. 135

Words of George Fox added:

"All that profess the scriptures both of the New and Old Testament, and are not in Christ Jesus, the apostle tells them they are " reprobates if Christ be not in them." These that are not in Christ cannot be clothed with Christ, the sun of righteousness, that never changes. They are under the changeable moon in the world, in the changeable things, the changeable religions, ways, worships, teachers, rocks, and foundations. But Christ, the Son of God and sun of righteousness, doth not change ; in whom his people are gathered, and sit together in heavenly places in him, clothed with Christ Jesus, the sun, who is the mountain that fil'eth the whole earth with his divine power and light. So all his people see him and feel him both by sea and land. He is in all places of the earth felt and seen of all his. He saith to the outward professors, the Jews, " I am from above, ye are from below, ye are of this world." So their religions, worships, ways, teachers, faiths, beliefs, and creeds, are made by men, and are below, of this world that changeth like the moon. You may see their religions, ways, worships,and teachers,are all changeable like the moon; but Christ, the sun, with which the church is clothed, doth not change, nor his church; for they are spiritually-minded, and their way, worship, and religion is spiritual, from Christ, who is from above and not of this world. Christ hath redeemed you from this world, their changeable rudiments and elements, and old things, and their changeable teachers, and from their changeable faiths and beliefs. For Christ is the author and finisher of his church's faith, who saith, " Believe in the light, that ye may become children of the light."

Source: A journal or historical account of the life, travels, sufferings, Christian experiences, and labour of love in the work of the ministry of that ancient, eminent, and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, George Fox, By: George Fox, pg. 305

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