Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Turning ... the renewal of conscious and conscience

There is a spiritual nature in each of us. This spiritual nature is the experience and knowledge of the transformation of conscious and conscience by the illumination of the inner Light. This illumination transforms and anchors the conscious and conscience in itself so that no longer is awareness and moral guidance anchored in the world of form; ideological, institutional, abstract. The thoughts and doctrine of those who profess outward forms and would bind men and women to their doctrine and scripture is no longer the anchor of being in the spiritual nature. 
In the spiritual nature, the inner Light is our source of conscious and our conscience ... anchored in eternal Presence. In the Light ... I AM ... without predication. The way of the world and the professors of the world is predication to institutions, ideological, beliefs, principles, scriptures, etc.. In the Light ... Principle is and is known directly and in immediacy ... not through reflection thought of the human faculties.
Conscious and conscience transformed is the salvation of people in the renewal and re-anchoring of the mind in the Light ... Eternal Presence ... in each of us and lived and renewed in each moment of each day in all things so the conscious and conscience is pure and free.

This is the message of the early Quakers ... in other words ... this is not a belief ... it is speaking experience.

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