Friday, December 27, 2013

Watchfulness in daily life ... reflecting the journey in the inner Light

Isaac Penington ever brings to the mind of the reader that thinking about Faith and even having faith in thoughts about faith is not sufficient for salvation. Penington ever admonishes to "go further." In the Light, Faith, Peace, Love, Patience, etc. are verbal in essence. Peace, for example, is the result of individual conscious and conscience anchored in and being ever present in the Light. To the extent we seek Peace through outward means like political action or other institutional and conceptual imposition is the extent to which Peace will not manifest. Peace, as an abstract concept reflected in outward institutions, is form without the Life. Peace is the result of the illumination of the Light within individual conscious and conscience. It is the result of pure conscious and conscience.  Peace is not something sought in itself; it is the result of being in the Presence. The same is true for Faith, Love, Patience, etc. 
Living in intentionally and with watchfulness over the Light within the conscious and conscience in daily live is the moment by moment renewal and affirmation of eternity, the Kingdom of Heaven, in the world. All things and events are experienced as if for the first time; even the most mundane of tasks, like taking out the trash, is an affirmation of eternal life within and in everyone.
What are the results of conscious and conscience made tender by and anchored in Presence? A tender conscious and conscience experiences in the Light so that personal identity deepens down into the Light alone and the Light is sufficient itself for awareness. Thoughts, perceptions, feelings, etc. no longer support awareness and are no longer the source of identity. This is not their elimination, it is the turning of conscious and conscience away from them as a source of awareness and identity. Awareness is no longer dependent on abstract thoughts, perceptions, feelings, etc. to BE.  Conscious is free in the Light. Moral awareness is no longer dependent on abstract thoughts, external documents, institutions, the ideas of men and women. Conscience is free in the Light. The inner Light is the Guide and the Instructor. This is daily life transformed in the Life. 
In the Life, every task becomes a moment of worship ... a moment of affirmation ...  of eternity within. What a beautiful gift; to carry eternity in all things. There is a deep and abiding quiet; for conscious and conscience no longer grasps after abstract thoughts and feeling and outward things for awareness. No longer is conscious and conscience battered about and absorbed within abstract thoughts and emotions ... silence deepens. 
With that said, the habit of conscious and conscience anchored to the outward often asserts and suddenly spiritual and moral awareness is threatened. A person runs into you and knocks you down ... suddenly the Light is lost and conscious and conscience is given over to anger at the person who ran into you. Conscience kicks in and brings conviction against anger. With this conviction, frustration manifests. You lash out at the person. Abstract thoughts and emotions darken the Light within ... conscious and conscience is filled with anger ... you are angry. Tenderness is seared ... conscious and conscience become rigid. You are abstracted ... detached and convicted. 
Watchfulness brings realization and then an embracing and returning to the Light. The Light never left it was always there. Then ... in the act of embracing ... of reaching out ... a flash point and the Light fills the soul and conscious and conscience. Bathed in the Light, conscious and conscience is pure ... free from the commotion of outward thoughts and emotions ... silence manifests and is sufficient.
This is the Mystery revealed, known, and experienced ... the Presence piercing and illuminating individual conscious and conscience so that awareness is anchored in Presence itself even in our daily tasks and conscience is guided by the Presence and not by the outward or external.
Daily life becomes living Gospel. As Jesus walked in this world, so too each individual beholden to the Light. The individual becomes a part of the good story of the truth of eternal life in the Spirit of Jesus ... in being present in the Presence we become active players in the epic story of human being awakening into its true nature ... Divinity ... the conscious and conscience renewed, transformed, re-turned in the presence of the Presence. We are active players even in and while the reading of the Story ... Watch!

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