Thursday, February 20, 2014

Daily Happenings in Presence

Happenings in Presence.
Much of life was spent relatively speaking, outside the Presence. Life is now, relatively speaking, in the Presence. Here is how life, relatively speaking, manifests, for me, in daily life.
I recently re-upholstered a wing-backed recliner for a family member. She has lower back problems so a bolster was created (tailored to her needs) to support her lower back and give her comfort while in the recliner. An arm organizer was created so she had things she uses often, while reading, in an easily accessible place.

The project was given over to the Presence before beginning and prayer was offered for strength to hold in the Light to the completion. A compelling and beautiful quiet bolstered the various activities involved in the project. At one point during the process, I had difficulty getting a front panel on the arm to lay properly. A spirit of frustration manifested before me. With intention and watchfulness, I acknowledged it. Then took it up and sort of played with it. Conscience is not bound to frustration in the acknowledging, conviction happens when the spirit of frustration takes hold of consciousness and informs conscience, so that life is no longer Presence but bound to outward events and circumstance manifesting frustration. In the Light, frustration stays before me and I continue to acknowledge it. Slowly, it withdraws to the horizon by the power of watchfulness and Presence.
These little moments happen throughout the day. In is these little moments, two lessons are learned. The Presence will readily yield to the various spirits that seek to draw you outside the Life if consciousness and conscience are given over. In watchfulness, the Presence will readily strengthen you in the Quiet so that consciousness and conscience hold to the rock of ages un-battered by the waves and winds of daily life that threaten Presence.
In thankfulness and gratitude for a consciousness and conscience in the world, but not of it, relatively speaking.

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