Sunday, February 23, 2014

Observation of the natural world and Sanctuary.

There was a time in my life when the observation of the natural world was Sanctuary (among other outward activities like the Church, or teachings of others, or political activism) and the immediacy of Christ was secondary.
Third month is almost here and the Allen's and Rufous hummingbirds will return to the south coast of Oregon. I will spend considerable hours in the field observing their migrational, territorial and nesting behaviors. For me, there is nothing more centering and tendering than spending up to 8 hours a day for over a month sitting in one place watching a wild bird build its nest, tend to its young, protect the nest from predation, and watching the behavior of the young in the nest as they grow toward fledging.
This nesting season will be different, as has been the few previous seasons. The immediacy of Christ will be primary in the act of observing the natural world. Sanctuary is in the Presence not in the natural world. I will be present in the Presence while observing the natural world.  That is, consciousness will be anchored in and conscience informed by Presence and not the objects I am observing. Perspective has shifted I now show up in the activity of observing it is no longer the outward object observed that anchors and informs consciousness and conscience. The self-conscious ego anchored in and informed by itself, Presence, rather than the mirrors of the world.
This nesting season, I drink from a new wineskin and am clothed in eternal threads. I will worship in silence and solitude for hours and hours daily, guided by and becoming ever more acquainted with the Presence my Sanctuary.
Sanctuary is every place and every occasion, in the Presence, I show up. Presence is not a denial of the outward… it is the fulfillment of the eternal birthright of human being pure consciousness and pure conscience Liberty human Being born again into the world of created things not bound but unbound and free.
What a blessing to know Life Eternal in the world.
Humpback Whale
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