Friday, February 28, 2014

Watching against those who have an aversion to immediacy so that the pottage does not slip between.

Early in John Wilbur's labors against those who did not have faith in a consciousness anchored in and a conscience informed by the immediacy of Presence, Betsy Purinton wrote these words to him in a letter:
The longer I live, the more I feel the necessity of a deep indwelling with the spirit of Divine life, and as my dear, aged kinswoman, (Comfort Collins,) used to say, neither ' borrow nor steal,' however in want ; and this is not all, but to be content with our little, and neither suffer ourselves to be bought or sold, to gain the popular ity of the world, or the applause of men. I speak not, my dear cousin, these things for thee, but in general ; being what I have often to watch against, lest, in my manifold weakness, the mess of pottage may slip between me and my Divine Master, against which the injunction remains to be good — " Watch."
Source: "Journal of the life of John Wilbur" page 122
It is a challenge to not let the pottage slip between me and Presence when suffering the aversions of those who cannot abide the testimony and affirmation of immediacy in a lack of faith and aversion for a consciousness anchored in and a conscience informed by Presence.
Turning again to the Presence, the inward Light fills consciousness and conscience so that there is no need to borrow or steal from the outward to mediate a lack of faith in immediacy. Consciousness and conscience in the Presence is not bought or sold by identity and bondage to the outward professors. In thankfulness and gratitude, strength is Presence girding a new consciousness and conscience. 
I watch.

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