Friday, February 7, 2014

One outcome of the immediacy of the Spirit ... A free thought exercise.

Note: Conscienceness is a term I’ve coined blending conscious, self-conscious, or consciousness with conscienceConscienceness means both consciousness and conscience.
In the Presence, I am not sad, happy, mad, frustrated. In the Presence... I am.
When the Presence fills and anchors consciousness and conscience (conscienceness), one result is the emotions that arise from outward happenings no longer enter and take hold of conscienceness. We “see” the emotions, but we are not predicated by them. What this means is in the Presence we acknowledge joy, anger, frustration, etc., but they do not hold conscienceness.
We do not experience: “I am angry” we experience “Anger approaches me.”
We do not experience: “I am happy” we experience “Happiness approaches me.”
This is how the spirit of Christ purifies conscienceness.
When “I am angry” or “I am happy” conscienceness has turned from the Presence.
When “Anger is around” or “happiness approaches” we are present in the Presence. That is, conscienceness is in the Presence.
This is not a denial of emotion. It is an acknowledgment without turning conscienceness from the Presence.
The is one result of the freedom and liberty of conscienceness in the Presence.
This is observation in conscienceness.

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