Monday, February 24, 2014

The Living Gospel unhinged from outward worldly and bodily religious forms.

The Living Gospel unhinged from outward worldly and bodily religious forms.
The Message of Christ free from canonical testimony in Immediacy.
The Message Unmediate

Normally, consciousness is anchored in and conscience is informed by external forms or by externalized borrowed experience in the form of the writings of others. This normal consciousness need mirrors to “see” or “to be.” The five senses of the body anchors normal consciousness and is its mirror. Normally, consciousness and conscience cannot sustain without a functioning body.

To test this, just take an hour and imagine your Self without sight, sound, touch, taste, smell. Now add to your imagining, your Self without a functioning brain reflecting thoughts, feelings, desires. For normal consciousness this is death. Consciousness goes dark. The fear of death is the fear of loss of consciousness.

If you deepen further into this imagining and wonder who or what is “imagining” you begin to experience directly an immediate Presence behind the imagining. This Presence is always right there in the things sensed and reflected thoughts and feelings. This Presence is in everyone.

To know a sustained consciousness, even when the body no longer functions, is consciousness anchored in the Presence rather than the mirrors of the body and the world. A consciousness anchored in and a conscience informed Presence in the world is freedom from fear. As Presence anchors and informs, a new Self is born into the world of form.

There are many people who have no faith in the sufficiency of a consciousness anchored in and a conscience informed by Presence. These people anchor consciousness and inform conscience in outward form. They have faith in reflected consciousness; a conscience informed by outward principles and codes sought with borrowed experience professed by others. They prefer and cultivate a consciousness and conscience mediated and bound. Salvation from the fear of death and loss of consciousness is taught as anchored in a mere belief in outward biblical testimony. This is tyranny against a free consciousness and conscience. It promises salvation from the loss of consciousness in death by binding consciousness and conscience to a normal consciousness that is not sustainable upon the death of the body.

To know a consciousness anchored in and a conscience informed by the immediacy of Presence is to know through direct personal experience a sustainable consciousness and conscience even when the body tires and no longer functions (Eternal Life and Salvation), and it is to know it while in the world and in the body new and ever renewing Being.

I know a sustainable consciousness and conscience by deepening down into the Quiet and feeling for the Presence in all things experienced while in the body and the world.
Disclaimer: The above is not to suggest that any individual or group of individuals should or, would be better off if they did, follow the conscious and conscience experience merely reflected in these outward words. There is no wish, intention, or agenda, to impose a conscience on another. The intention is to express my conscience in the quiet of Presence and that is all.

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